Strapping bands are special products designed for both manual and machine strapping of loads of various types. They are extremely strong and durable and are great for securing pallets and smaller packages. 

When used properly, strapping can help ensure that your cargo does not slip during transport and arrives safely at its destination.

There are different types of strapping, depending on the material being strapped and the level of security desired. For example, polyester strapping is best for heavy loads, while polypropylene strapping is more flexible and better suited for lighter loads.

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The most popular strapping. PP strapping offers low strapping costs per load unit and is easy to handle.


Polyester straps are used for strapping and storage of heavy pallets, difficult shipments and too small loads.

Whatever type of strapping you choose, make sure it is compatible with your strapping. In addition to the type of strapping, you also need to consider the width and thickness.

The wider the strapping is, the more support it can provide. The thicker the strap, the more tension it can withstand. When using strapping, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safe and effective use.